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Clarkson Fairfields South Ratepayers Association 

Clarkson Fairfields South Ratepayers’ Association (C.F.S.R.A) welcomes you!  We are a non-profit association comprised of local residents who volunteer their time to make our community an outstanding place to live by promoting the interests and well-being of our residents.

If you live on April Dr., Balsam Ave., Hartland Dr., Hindhead Rd., Welwyn Dr. or Whittington Rd., we are your neighbourhood association.  Whether you are new to the community or have been a long-time resident, we encourage you to help us continue to improve the quality of life in your community by supporting the association through your membership.    


Stay Informed!

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Saturday May 28th
Neighborhood Garage Sale 
(learn more)

May 28th: 8am - noon
Community Garage Sale


CFSRA will arrange advertising to bring prospective customers into our neighborhood of April, Balsam, Hartland, Hindlhead, Welwyn and Whittington. 


You can set up your own garage sale on your property, or wander around the neighborhood to see what your fellow residents are selling.

CFSRA will setup and remove community signs.

CFSRA will advertise on Kijiji and social media on behalf of the community.



Join your other fellow neighbours who care about preserving and enhancing  the quality of life in our community and become a CFSRA member.  


Your membership helps us build a stronger association with a greater voice.  If you live on April, Welwyn, Hindhead, Heartland, Balsam or Whittington you can join.  Learn More about the benefits of becoming a member.

Community News
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Contact us

We are always happy to receive your questions, ideas, concerns and feedback.  You can contact us via email.  

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