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March 26, 2019

Air B'n'B

The City of Mississauga is holding off on proceeding with any regulations on STAs (e.g. Airbnb) until they can review the outcome of the City of Toronto’s regulations.  The City of Mississauga’s registration of the regulations to the General Committee are not planned until early 2020.  Since the City maintains that they only received two complaints regarding STAs in 2018 they are not viewing the regulations as critical at this time.  Should you have any concerns regarding STAs in our community, please contact us or the City.  Our goal is to ensure we maintain peace and safety in our community.

January 22, 2018

Condo Development Clarkson Road South of Go Tracks

Your CFSRA board members are looking out for the intests of the community with respect to the condominium development planned for Clarkson Road south of the Go train tracks.  


At a recent meeting, the CFSRA board members raised concerns regarding the impact of increased traffic in our area during construction and after the building residents move in.  


Read our summary of the meeting and changes the developer has made so far as a result of the concerns that have been raised.   


November 19, 2017

Multi Use Trail - Date for Completion Set!

The City of Mississauga has announced that the completion of the multi-use trail  is planned for June 2019.  You can access maps of the multi-use trail at 

November 14, 2017

Air BnB Community Concerns

I’m sure that most of you by now are aware of the latest Airbnb incident, which occurred in Lorne Park early on Saturday morning, November 4th at a residence well known by neighbours in the area as an Airbnb “Party House”.  Heavily armed tactical police officers responded to reports of gun shots being fired at this residence.  It appears no one was injured but it was a frightening time for the entire neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, this is only the latest incident in our city involving these types of properties, but was the most publicized owing to the level of violence involved.  There have been many other problems   some of these commercial businesses have brought to quiet residential neighbourhoods in our city, that didn’t make the newspapers.

Your Clarkson Fairfields South Ratepayers Association representatives, Bill & Muriel Chudiak, along with the Mississauga Residents Association Network known as MIRANET, have been working with City Council and their Planning and Development Department for well over a year now to have by-laws, regulations and other methods of controlling these commercial businesses put in place.

The latest information we have obtained is that the city’s Planning & Development Department is presenting an Information Report, which they have been working on for some time now, to the Planning Committee, on Monday evening, December 4th at 7:00 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers.  We understand that based on this report, the Committee will be making a decision at this meeting on how the City of Mississauga is going to control the operations of these businesses.

This very important meeting is open to the public and we hope many of you are able to attend to show that we residents want this city-wide problem dealt with before there is another serious incident involving Airbnb/STA properties.


Electrification of Go Train

Metrolinx is currently conducting a study to explore the feasibility of electrifying the Lakeshore West line.  The CFSRA board members are monitoring the study and will participate and provide feedback to ensure that the interests of our community are considered.   For more information on this study, visit 

September 04, 2016

Please Slow Down

In addition to the stop sign and reduced speed limits in our area, the City has purchased a supply of "Please Slow Down" lawn signs for residents to place on their lawns to raise awareness regarding speeding and aggressive driving our neighbourhood.  One sign has been placed in front of Hindhead park.  

If you wish to acquire a sign for your lawn, please contact the office of Karen Ras, our Ward 2 Counciller, at  905-896-5200 or  

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