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Your membership is important! 


A modest fee of only $10 per year helps keep you informed on important matters impacting you, your community and your investment as a homeowner.  It provides you with the support of the board who proactively represent your interests in preserving and enhancing our neighbourhood and in addressing any issues you may have. 


Additionally, as a member you will:

  • Receive our quarterly newsletters containing important community updates and upcoming family friendly social activities delivered to your door;

  • Have access to the real estate sale prices of all the homes sold in our area (speak to the board President for access to this information);

  • Receive email updates of community events, helpful reminders, and other important community information (email sign up required);

  • Be a voting member at the CFSRA annual meeting;

  • Be invited to forums (co-sponsored by our association) of local candidates in future elections;


Renew your membership or become a member today! 

What does my membership fee go towards? 

As a non-profit volunteer run association, all membership fees are directed towards enhancing our community including:

  • Sponsoring community events;

  • Printing of quarterly newsletter and other community circulars;

  • Paying due to MIRANET (The City of Mississauga’s Residents’ Associations Network;

  • Donating to the Compass food bank and to the May 24 fireworks community event;

  • Maintaining a reserve fund in the event that the community must engage legal support

Renew your membership or become a member today! 

What has the board done to date?

We may be a small association, but we have a BIG voice.  If you are already a member, then you know what initiatives we have successfully led on your behalf.  If you are new to the community and contemplating becoming a member, here’s is a summary of just some of the key initiatives we have played a role in to protect the interests of our members:     

  • Lobbied City officials to install a stop sign at the corner of Welwyn and Hindhead as well as to reduce the speed limit in our community from 50km/hr to 40km/hr to keep our roads safe

  • Successfully organized opposition to the proposed power plant to be built in Clarkson

  • Actively opposed the proposal to locate cell towers in our neighborhood

  • Participants in the development of the Clarkson Village Vision and in opposing any developer proposals that violate this approved vision

  • Representing our community in the development of the buildings on Clarkson road South of the tracks on the East side.  

To find out what we are working on now, visit News and Events 

Support your community! Renew your membership or become a member today! 

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